Airth(Pol) / Triangular - split CDr

Year: 2012
No Brain Prod. 016

Limited to 51

Airth is a group of individuals based in Warsaw, Poland. They produce Experimental/Ambient/Drone/Minimalistic Noise music. You get the idea right? if not just check the samples in this page. For what i know this is one of their first releases, and im really proud its under NBP. The story goes as following, in mid 2012 i was touring europe with my harsh noise prject 886VG, i got a gig in Warsaw organized by one of the Airth guys.... cool people. I liked their sounds... so we ended up doing this split (Triangular is my drone project). thats it i think... This release is a calm cold drone/ambient work. It includes a poster of the Airth/886VG gig (made with Adolf Wölfli artwork, if you dont know who he is, google him).

Airth Samples (from their 3 tracks):

Triangular Samples(from the 2 tracks):

Official Airth pages:  facebook
Triangular page is at