Death Pact International(?) - Cunt 666 Cock 888 - CDr

Year: 2012
No Brain Prod. 017

Limited to 45

NOTE: No Brain Prods. is NOT a Fascist/Nazi label or anything similar. NBP believes in true freedom of speech, that means it does NOT ban/judge any poitical/philosophical ideology/thought of their artists.
in any case this is not a nazi release, if you cant see that, then your not understanding shit.

 Back to the release, from the Death Pact International manifesto:

"Death Pact International (DPI) is a multi - media unit whose weapons are : aural assaults / artwork / text / recordings / information / performance art / film / the web, etc.

Death Pact International is a collaborative project involving many activists from various backgrounds. It is a unit working in the dark underground of electro / atmospheric / harsh / industrial / noise. It is a unit which plans from time to time, to leave this self imposed isolation and strike at an unsuspecting "world outside".

Death Pact International is an assault group that seeks nothing less than global recognition. Its aural and visual presentations are aimed at effecting and infecting the minds of millions. Here at the dawn of the 21st century, Death Pact International sees itself as an art guerilla movement that is moving across the landscape of a dead and dying world. Death Pact International will bury the stinking corpse of the corporate / elitist / ego art and give birth to a new creative monster that encourages collaboration. The combined efforts of many units under the banner of Death Pact International will unite us and therefore make us a much stronger and therefore more effective unit." (continues)

you can read the whole DPI manifesto here:

what else should i add besides that?

Death Pact International - Cunt 666 Cock 888 sample:

the DPI (very) partial discography at discogs:

and of course the official DPI page with all their manifestos and stuff: