NXFXTXEX(Dk) vs 886VG - split CDr

Year: 2012
No Brain Prod. 018

Limited to 33

NXFXTXEX is one of Denmarks greatest noise producers (who says that? i do motherfucker, fuck you) and one of those active as hell people in the underground scene who does it for the right reasons (liberty! and shit also, shit). Ah yes hes also a shitcore maniac, he runs shitcore.dk and the label shit music for shit people. A true honest anarkonoise head. respect! for all those reasons and simply because hes a cool guy it was a honour to be able to do this split with him. To top that this was the LAST NXFXTXEX release ever.. yes, NXFXTXES is dead... the world will miss this shit, or fuck the world. anyway too much words, this release is just 2 tracks of simple straight forward noise, dont expect fancy evolving produced noise. leave that for the ear-wimps! only 33 copies made wich include a mini poster of NXFXTXEX's illegal tattoo (yes tattooing your hand is illegal in denmark). thats all, samples and shit below.

NXFXTXEX sample:

886VG sample:


for the man behind NXFXTXEX current work just check shitcore.dk