Anal Violence(Croatia)/Culo(Chile)/Corroided Braincells(Hungary)/Anal Eyaculation(Ecuador)- 4 way split CDr

AS YOU CAN SEE I REALLY SUCK AT TAKING PICTURES..(maybe ill take a better one)
COMO VEN SACO FOTOS COMO LA PICHULA.. (quizas saque una mejor)

Noisecore! pure fuckig noisecore/shitcore/whatever..  i dont know who sucks the most here... but the duck looks nice. just for crappy listeners! perfect for breakfast and extended afternoons.
Noisecore! puro noisecore/shitcore/lo que sea.. no se quien es el mas mierda del split... el pato causa sensacion si... recomendado para gente con gusto basura. desayuno, once, maņana, ayer.

0:00-0:30 Anal Violence
0:34-1:05 Culo
1:08-1:38 Corroided Braincells
1:40-2:13 Anal Eyaculation