Halalnihil(Hungary) - "Basement Rehearsals" - CDr

Year: 2013
No Brain Prod. 024

Limited to 52

Halalnihil is one of the sickest active acts i know about. Its usually PE, their lyrics are great, sadly for us non-hungarians most of them are in their native tounge. who gives a fuck, you can feel the aggression anyway. but this release aint PE, its just frontal Harsh Noise. By the way i got to know this project when i shared stage with them in a tour i did, this was one of the best things i saw in that tour by far. if you can catch them live do it. else check their records. or dont. link to more of their sounds: http://halalnihil.bandcamp.com/

Halalnihil es uno de los proyectos mas enfermos con los que me he topado. generalmente Power Electronics, las letras son brutales, el unico problema es que la mayoria estan en hungaro... pero hay algunas traducidas al ingles, pico, se puede sentir la agresion igual. Este disco no es PE, es Harsh Noise frontal... si quieren escuchar mas visiten su pagina oficial, 100% recomendado: http://halalnihil.bandcamp.com/