Salakapakka Sound System (Finland) / 886VG - split recycled C60 - No Brain Prod. 037

Year: 2016
No Brain Prod. 037

Limited to 45

Salakapakka Sound System is one of those noise / experimental projects that are not easy to describe or clasify simply cause they dont stay in one particular style. S.S.S. sounds differ a lot from track to track. I like this split (does that matter? fuck no), anyway, check S.S.S. site:

Salakapakka Sound Systemes uno de esos proyectos de ruido/experimental que no se puede describir fácilmente porque su sonido cambia bastante entre temas y discos.  El sitio oficial de S.S.S. esta bien completo y contiene links a mas discos

samples :
S.S.S.   00:00 - 1:11
886VG: 1:12 - 2:29