Rubbish(Usa)/886VG/God Pussy(Bra)/Tumult Exit(Crimea)/Daniel Pico(Ecu) - 5 way split - tape/cdr NBP. 043 - 2017

Year: 2017
No Brain Prod. 043

Limited to ??  - Anarchy!

Rubbish is classic kansas underground noise. God Pussy and 886VG are straight forward harsh noise. Daniel Pico is the man behind Dark Cavern and Inferno and Tumult Exit from Crimea doing more industrial noise,. Samples are in the same order as title. each artist sepparated by a pause.
Rubbish es ruido clasico del submundo de kansas. God Pussy y 886VG son harsh noise directo, Daniel Pico es el hombre detras de Dark Cavern e Inferno y Tumult Exit desde Crimea hace noise industrial. Las muestras estan en el mismo orden del titulo y separadas por una breve pausa.